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5 quotes that may inspire you

2015-04-08 07:45:38 by Alphakane

1.never give up. if you fail, it wasn't your best you should try and try and never give up!

2.try and doesn't mean that if you can't do it, it's impossible! because this is you and you have your own skills, nothing  is impossible helpful. you shall never do negative actions to others because we are all just the same deep inside you have a very bright heart that can help everyone in the whole wide world! sharing. others will tease you that you are greedy and selfish. if you try to hide it you will be feel guilty for hiding a simple thing ignoring never helps

5.Always be kind. if you are kind you can have many friends that you can trust! and people will know that you are not a bad person at all!

that's all i hope your inspired! :) if you want more comment yes, if you don't comment no. the if the yes is more than no, i'll make 30 but if the no is more than yes, this will end. you'll see the answer in the end of april!


if your gonna vote if yes or no, ONE PERSON AT A TIME



the penalty for duplicating your answer is that your answer will not be counted




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2015-04-08 10:02:21

look if i didn't get famous, maybe i inspired you just a little? plz just read this after you read that cuz i say is yes