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Entry #3

welcome to my page!

2015-04-08 09:28:15 by Alphakane

did you saw this page because of the advertisement i made? if yes, then it means your looking for the inspirational quotes huh? go to my news page also in there is the story the bonus one. anyways welcome again! thanks for coming this is the latest news i'll make. if your inspired in the quotes, plz be my fan thnks!



wait wait wait if your here cuz just for fun, your welcome to do everything you want


or if your here cuz in the plumet, checkout the art i just made read the author's comments thnks!


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2015-04-08 10:00:20

i'm ok if there's only less fans, i wanted to be famous in newgrounds but there is like 40% chance of me getting famous and 60% chance of NOT being famous