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welcome to my page!

2015-04-08 09:28:15 by Alphakane

did you saw this page because of the advertisement i made? if yes, then it means your looking for the inspirational quotes huh? go to my news page also in there is the story the bonus one. anyways welcome again! thanks for coming this is the latest news i'll make. if your inspired in the quotes, plz be my fan thnks!



wait wait wait if your here cuz just for fun, your welcome to do everything you want


or if your here cuz in the plumet, checkout the art i just made read the author's comments thnks!

5 quotes that may inspire you

2015-04-08 07:45:38 by Alphakane

1.never give up. if you fail, it wasn't your best you should try and try and never give up!

2.try and doesn't mean that if you can't do it, it's impossible! because this is you and you have your own skills, nothing  is impossible helpful. you shall never do negative actions to others because we are all just the same deep inside you have a very bright heart that can help everyone in the whole wide world! sharing. others will tease you that you are greedy and selfish. if you try to hide it you will be feel guilty for hiding a simple thing ignoring never helps

5.Always be kind. if you are kind you can have many friends that you can trust! and people will know that you are not a bad person at all!

that's all i hope your inspired! :) if you want more comment yes, if you don't comment no. the if the yes is more than no, i'll make 30 but if the no is more than yes, this will end. you'll see the answer in the end of april!


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a story called "the puppet"

2015-04-04 00:47:11 by Alphakane

"the puppet"

one day a boy named john newton was playing computer games all day. then suddenly a rock came in his window when he looked at his window, he saw a puppet maker in their backyard. john planned to talk to the puppet maker to ask what is the old puppet maker was doing in their backyard. but the puppet maker didn't answer even one of his questions but gave john a puppet that looks exactly like him john was shocked and threw the puppet away. when he came to tell his parents about what happened, none of them believed john. john didn't know what to do so he decided to take the puppet and burn it and when he went back to their backyard,the puppet maker was gone but the puppet that looks excatly like john was still there. john tooked the puppet and called it "johnny" but when mr newton went to johns room,he didn't saw john he wondered where could john be and realized john was just in his room for a week so they finaly noticed that john was missing. they searched everywhere but the only clue they had was the puppet mr and mrs newton was shocked because they knew that john wasn't lying they quickly reported it to the police department but didn't believed them but when the chief saw the evidence, they searched for john but nothing happened but when mr and mrs newton called a faith healer to ask if a ghost is the one responsible for what happened to john, the faith healer said that it was the old,dead puppet maker's fault and said that the puppet maker was seeking revenge...   TO BE CONTINUED